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Scrolling Text Time Waster: Get Complete Details Here!

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Scrolling Text Time Waster

The Scrolling Text Time Waster allows you to send messages in a creative and fun way, you can create yours by using Patorjk.com which is a web-based application. People love to find new entertaining ways of sending messages and always looking for new styles and designs so if you are also the one then this article is for you, keep reading to know complete details about scrolling text time.

Scrolling messages are gaining popularity worldwide and many people are showing their interest in Scrolling Text Time Waster. It is a trendy way of sending long texts on WhatsApp, you can use different directions and colors. People keep scrolling for a few seconds in order to finish the text. It is undoubtedly a fun way of delivering texts but sometimes people find this thing irritating.

What actually is Scrolling Text Time Waster?

The Scrolling Text Time Waster by Patorjk is a fun way of sending long texts that allows you to send messages in different colors and a variety of ways. The receiver will keep scrolling down in order to finish the text because these are long texts but the scrolling looks satisfying due to various designs and colors.

You can visit the page and check for a clear field near the bottom of the reviewing page. You can input any text in the field and then press Again! Once more! Say! Tab. As a result, you will see your entered text in Scrolling Text Time Waster. You can then change colors, and move and resize the text as per your choice.

Is it safe to use Patorjk for scrolling text time?

Yes, this site is safe to use because it is old enough to be trusted, its domain was generated on January 26, 1999, which makes it 23 years old. This time being is enough for a site to be trusted. Furthermore, its trust score is 100, and its position is 62.6/100, which is excellent. Its social profiles are Github, Flickr, Instagram, Blog, Twitter, and 500px.

Scrolling Text Time Waster also gives you the opportunity to enter text in other languages such as Spanish and when you type anything, it will start changing colors and moving from left to right in the middle, which looks so cool and attracts the users to do more. One thing is clear, the user never gets bored because of its unlimited styles, colors, and designs.

How to use Scrolling Text Time Waster?

There are numerous ways to generate scrolling text time, you can create yours according to your choice, and you may make an animated scrolling text that viewers will find distinctive and highly animated. However, you must be conversant with the HTML language in order to use this feature. See the instructions below if you have no idea how to use it:

  •         Open your browser and search for scroll text in Google before selecting one of the popular scroll texts in Patorjik.
  •         At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the text tab.
  •         You can enter your preferred text here and then generate it by simply copying it.
  •         This is the simplest way of generating the scrolling text.
  •         Apps that can be utilized include Scrolling Text Pro and Scroll Test Pro.

Details about the provider of Scrolling Text Time Waster:

Now that you know everything about Scrolling Text Time Waster which is a great entertainment provided by Patorjk, you can also check out other games and features provided by this site. It also has a variety of games, including Puzzles, Snake, Sliders, and 179 Ways to Annoy People.

Arial ASCII Art, which includes Scrolling Text Time Waster, is the most popular activity. Nutrition Calculator, Space Dust, and Game of Thrones Character Appearance are examples of visualizations. However, the favorite one of most people is Scrolling Text Time Waster.

The official webpage of Patorjk also offers ASCII Art Generator typing speed test text, Text Color Fader, Keyboard Layout Analyzer, Old School Gaming Filters, Years of watching YouTube, Showdown on Social Media, Gradient Image Generator, and others. These things are really interesting, keep reading to know the history of Patorjk.

History of Scrolling Text Time Waster Provider:

In 1998, the developers of Patorjk launched “The PAT or JK Webpage!” on Geocities, which comprised programs and programming samples. The website started gaining popularity and the users started loving it so they bought the domain patorjk.com, probably in 1999. The site received between 1000 and 2000 visitors per day at its peak of popularity.

There were many ups and downs during the initial years, the traffic kept on fluctuating. It was once shut down in January 2007 due to non-payment. It was completely destroyed but the developer didn’t sit quietly and in March 2007, this was rebuilt using site5.com as the host.

It was a hard time because starting from scratch was not easy but due to the hard work of the developer, the site once again held the attention and now it is used by millions of people for several entertainment purposes. The name of its developer is Patrick Gillespie.

Contact Information of Scrolling Text Time Waster Provider:

We haven’t heard about any issues from the users of Scrolling Text Time, it is just a web app that is more like a game for the people who have a lot of extra time, but if you have any queries you can share them on [email protected].


Patorjk is providing a Scrolling Text Time Waster app so that you can have some fun by creating long texts. After reading the details shared above about its amazing features, you might be wanting to make yours so what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy. You can share this information with your friends as well and comment below to share your experience with us.

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