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Who You Might Know is on Instagram? Full Details

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who you might know is on instagram

Who you might know is on Instagram” denotes the possibility that perhaps the account owner is somebody you are following on Instagram or have interacted with. In essence, Instagram says anyone you know or follow also has a second account.

Using a similar algorithm, Instagram also suggests individuals to you. People in your contact book, who

publish stuff that you occasionally enjoy but don’t follow, or with whom you

are friends on Facebook but don’t follow on Instagram are frequently included on your list of “people you may know.”

You might be perplexed as to why they are showing up if you are doing your hourly Instagram scroll and find that they are suggested, buddies. To clarify issues, let’s read the article.

Who You May Know on Instagram

Here is how you may know someone who is on Instagram!

  1. You Have Mutual Followers

Imagine you are following three former high school classmates who now work at the same company. As a result, their coworkers can be listed under “Who you might know is on Instagram.”

This is because you and your employees share three high school pals, implying that you both have supporters. The accounts of these coworkers may appear and display information such as three mutual followers.

Merely said, Instagram assumes you are connected with them because you all follow the same accounts. So that you can interact with more individuals on the app, Instagram simply runs an algorithm that makes those with whom you share a few friends appear in this suggestion area.

  1. A Close Friend of Yours follows Them

Your “Who you might know is on Instagram” section may include any accounts that a person follows or who follows them if you frequently engage with that person’s account, such as your roommate or new lover.

This is so that Instagram can keep track of the individuals you tag in your posts, stories, and direct messages. Instagram can see from your interactions that you are more in touch with this

particular follower than the others, so it stands to reason that anyone who knows you would also be aware of this.

Instagram will still display these users to you even if the only thing you have in common with this random account is that you both follow the same account.

  1. They are in your contacts.

By syncing all of your contacts and giving your phone number, you can find people’s Instagram accounts and connect with them there.

We all have a few errant acquaintances from middle and high school, but since their phone number is also associated with their Instagram account, they might be one of the people on the “Who you might know is on Instagram” list.

Instagram will assume that since you have their number, you might be interested in following them on the platform, even if you have never met the person and only obtained their phone number because it was accidentally given to you in one of your classes.

  1. You are in Contact with Them

If someone has your number and you both have your contacts synced with the platform, even though you don’t have each other’s numbers, Instagram assumes you are familiar with them because you all follow the duplicate accounts.

Steps to Disable Instagram “Who You Might Know” Feature

Turning off the function on your browser is the only way to stop seeing the obnoxious accounts placed on Instagram under “Who you might know is on Instagram.” You cannot carry a handheld device while doing this.

  1.   You should access a desktop, laptop, or computer and go to Instagram.com.
  2.   You must sign into your professional account once you arrive. If you forget your password, it’s simple to receive a reset link sent to the email address associated with your account and log back in via your browser.
  3.   After successfully logging in, access your profile by pressing on the image of it in the top right corner of the screen.
  1.   Choose Setting from the drop-down menu that will display.
  1.   Continue reading the website until you reach the line, “Include your account when recommending comparable accounts people may wish to follow.” Next to those words, there will be a checkmark in a box.
  1.   Make sure the box is clicked, so the check mark is removed. Now that you’ve changed things, you won’t ever have to see “Who You Might Know is On Instagram” again.


By introducing the “Who you might know is on Instagram” function, Instagram is merely attempting to facilitate your social interactions and make it simpler for you to track down old pals. However, if you want to get rid of it, you can use the tips we provided in the post.

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