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Preparation strategy to score 60+ score in the PTE writing section

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PTE writing section

To score more than 60 band scores in the PTE writing section, you have to write a perfect essay. Sometimes a candidates with perfect english will struggle to score more than 60 scores in the PTE writing sections. As for that, candidates have to consider several things. First and foremost they have to polish their writing skills. With effective writing skills, one can write a perfect essay in the PTE writing section. 

However, in this article, we will shed light on some of the effective strategies that will surely help you clear the writing section of the PTE exam with a 60+ score. However, to learn under professional guidance you can also join the IBT Institute. This coaching platform is also renowned as the best PTE Institute in Ludhiana. They have an expert faculty member who provides excellent training to the candidates. So they can pass the PTE exam with flying colors. 

Here are some effective tips that will help you achieve 60+ in the PTE writing section: 

Understand the Topic

Before you start writing an essay, you first carefully understand the topic. For that, you have to read the statement again and again. In this way, you will understand the statement properly and know the demand of the question. It will help you to write a splendid essay that fulfills the question demand. When your essay is well-structured and provides all the information regarding the topic. You will surely get a high score in the writing section. 

Make a Structure 

If you want to achieve a high score in the PTE writing section, make sure the structure of your is perfect. Therefore, during the exam preparations, you must get proper knowledge about the well-defined structure of the writing section and stick to it while attempting the PTE writing task. It will help you to achieve a high score in the PTE writing section. In addition, to know the exact structure of the PTE writing section. You can rely on the internet and check out samples. Thus, writing the essay in a perfect structure and avoiding spelling errors.  

Develop Ideas in Your Mind 

In the PTE writing section, ideas matter a lot. So, your ideas must be relevant to the topic. Apart from this, you must elaborate your ideas perfectly in the PTE writing section. Moreover, you can also highlight the important points in the essay. In this way, you will not forget and important information while writing the essay. For idea development, you should start reading the english content.  You can read any book, article, newspaper, or novel for idea generation. Apart from this, you can also pick any random topic and search on the internet for that.  

Don’t Repeat the Same Point

Some candidates repeat the same point more than three times while writing the PTE writing task. They do this to increase the length of the essay. However, they are unaware that repeating sentences multiple times can lower their PTE writing score. So, instead of repeating the same points in the PTE writing section, try to keep different points related to the topic from beginning to end. 

Use a Wide Range of Vocabulary 

You should expand your vocabulary by learning new words on a daily basis, as repetition of words can lower your PTE writing scores. So, be curious about the different words you come across while reading English content. Learning new words and their meanings allows you to write your task perfectly and demonstrate your English proficiency. 

Don’t Write Less or More

If you write too little or too much on the PTE writing task, you may receive lower exam scores. So, if you want to write an excellent PTE writing task, keep the word limit in mind and write accordingly. You might be wondering how exceeding the word limit affects your scores. Let us inform you that if you enter more than 380 scores in the PTE writing section, you will receive zero scores. So make sure to write between 200 and 380 words. 

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Wrapping up

To wrap it up, to ace the PTE writing section with a 60+ score one must follow the above-mentioned strategy. It will help you get a high score in the PTE writing section. 

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