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Privacy Policy

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Skill To Income respects the privacy of both our readers and writers and we believe that it is your right to know the ways your basic information is used and collected by our system. Read this page to know all the details about our policies, you can also contact us at [email protected] if you want to ask anything.

This platform is providing content on different topics including Business, News, Celebrity, Lifestyle, Health, Cryptocurrency, Education, Automotive, Digital Marketing, Technology, and others and you should know that when you interact with our website in any form, our policies apply to you as well.

Information Collected by Skill To Income:

We never ask for sensitive information but if in any case, our website requests your personal information, you will be notified with the appropriate reasons and details. We may collect the information including your full name, company name, residential address, phone number, email address, relevant messages, and other attachments.

All this information is provided by the users so it is up to you, our advanced systems collect data from third-party software or websites in addition to the information mentioned above. Other collected data may include your IP address, financial information, online IDs, geolocation, and signatures.

How Skill To Income uses your Information?

Skill To Income collects your information to improve your experience with our website, read below how it is done:

  • The collected data helps our system in knowing the interests and preferences of our users better than before which helps in removing the content in which you will be least interested.
  • We use this data to improve our services and website content.
  • It helps in observing and monitoring any fraudulent activity on our website.
  • The data is used to send important emails to our readers.
  • It helps in determining where the improvement is required.
  • Your data helps us in sending the relevant advertisements.
  • It also assists us in making the platform user-friendly.

How Skill To Income Protects your Privacy?

The data we collect with your consent is protected by us and we do not share it with other companies and organizations. However, we might share the basic details about your preferences with our service providers and other trusted parties who are obligated to keep it secure and protected in accordance with our terms and conditions.

We protect your privacy at all costs, and your data is protected by our advanced software, but you should be aware that if you leave our platform by clicking on any external links, our policy will no longer be in effect.

Third-Party Applications:

In order to improve your experience with us, we collaborated with a few carefully selected service providers including billing and payment processing services, domain name registrars, fraud detection and prevention services, e-mail distribution and monitoring services, performance measurement, data optimization and marketing services, and content providers.

The information we might share with them includes name, internet protocol address and email address, account name, and other basic information to provide you with the best user experience.


Skill To Income, like other platforms, collects data through cookies to provide readers with a pleasant user experience on our platform. Many browsers give you the option to manage cookies and choose whether or not to accept them.

You can also delete all cookies by going to your browser settings and blocking them, but we do not recommend this because it will prevent us from improving your experience with us.

Privacy Policy Updates:

Skill To Income is constantly striving to improve user experience, and as a result, we may update our privacy policy in the future, so we recommend that you come back and check for updates.

Last Updated: 21 September 2022