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The Most Common Phone Repair Myths Busted

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There are a lot of misconceptions about smartphone repairs. These false beliefs may result in needless costs, harm to your gadget, or even potential safety risks. These myths include drying phones with rice, deletion of all data during repair, all third-party repair shops’ voidance of warranty, low cost of DIY repairs, and many more. Continue reading to learn the truth behind these myths and where you can have the best phone repair services.

Common Phone Repair Myths

You should have the necessary information about these myths to confidently choose a trustworthy phone repair shop for your device’s needs. So here are the top myths surrounding smartphone repairs. 

Repairs Are Pricey

The Truth: Repairs are typically less expensive than buying a new one. Although companies may lead you to believe otherwise with their high servicing fees, this is not totally accurate. You might assume your phone has become unresponsive immediately if you dropped it and the display stops working. However, you ought to have a professional assess the extent of the damage before purchasing a new phone. You can prolong the life of your old phone and save money on a new one if the damage is minor. 

Rice Can Dry Wet Phones

The Truth: Although rice can absorb moisture, it is not the best way to dry a wet smartphone. As a matter of fact, leaving your phone in rice could cause dust or other debris to get inside of it. For better results, turn off your phone, remove the battery if you can, and use packets of silica gel or a professional drying service.

A Broken Screen Is Not Very Serious

The Truth: The next myth debunked by best phone repairers is that a broken screen is not a big issue. Many of us have likely continued to use a phone with chipped edges or broken glass. There is no need for concern if the cracks are shallow and small. You should replace your screen if the shards are falling off or the cracks are deep enough to interfere with how you use it. Keeping a cracked screen open can lead to long-term problems with the display, such as discoloration, dark spots, and dead spots.

Water Damage Cannot Harm Water-Resistant Phones. 

The Truth: While they provide defense against unintentional spills and brief immersions, water-resistant smartphones are not completely waterproof. Even after prolonged exposure, your device can still face damage from high-pressure water. It’s crucial to take precautions with your water-resistant phone and avoid dangerous situations.

You Should Always Upgrade A Slow Phone 

The Truth: Try troubleshooting your slow smartphone before considering a pricey upgrade. Best phone repair experts can increase phone performance by cleaning the cache, uninstalling unnecessary programs, and updating the program. If the problem continues, you should only think about replacement.

Repairs For Smartphones Are Time-Consuming

The Truth: The complexity of the problem and the workload at the repair shop determine how long a repair will take. Many repair shops offer same-day services for common problems like screen replacements or battery replacements.

DIY Repairs Are Always More Convenient And Less Expensive 

The Truth: Although doing repairs yourself can save money on labor costs, there are risks involved, like breaking your device’s warranty or damaging it. Many professional repairers offer the best phone repair services, which are usually safer and higher quality and come with warranties, so they’re a good investment.

Third-Party Repairers Void Your Warranty 

The Truth: It’s not always the case that repairs by a third party void the warranty, despite what some manufacturers may say. Customers in the US are safeguarded by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which ensures that using a third-party repair service does not immediately void your warranty. 

Avoid Falling For Repair Myths

It makes sense that you would want to handle the task of fixing your phone yourself in order to save money. However, taking a chance with a broken phone can frequently do more harm than good. It might even cause you to damage your phone in certain situations irreparably. So, if you need the best cell phone repair services, you can contact NoCo Cell Phone and Repair. 

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