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How Tall is Tubbo: Bio, Height, Age, Family

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How Tall is Tubbo

Toby Smith, better known as Tubbo, is an English Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He is well-known for the videos he uploads to Twitch and his YouTube channel. He has amassed a respectable number of subscribers to his channel in a relatively short period of time.

The majority of his videos are clips from his Twitch streams. He’s been streaming on Twitch for about two years and was promoted to partner in 2020. Tune in to learn more about Tubbo’s Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Career, and many other interesting facts about him.

Tubbo is a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and influencer from the United Kingdom. He is well-known for his Twitch channel, where he streams Minecraft.

He currently has over four million followers on the streaming platform. Read on to learn more about how tall is tubbo his height, age, wiki, real name, bio, net worth, girlfriend, weight, family, ethnicity, and other information.

Tubbo’s Biography 

Tubbo was born on December 23, 2003, in England to a British family. Toby Smith is his real name, and he is a Capricorn. He completed his high school education at a local private school in his hometown. He has yet to attend college for further studies. More than likely, he will not attend college, leaving his influencer career behind.

His nationality is British. He has not revealed anything about his parents, however. In terms of his siblings, he has two sisters named Lani Smith and Teagan Smith. Lani, her sister, is a Twitch streamer with 500k followers. He is currently single and has an unmarried marital status. Furthermore we will discuss how tall is tubbo?

How Tall is Tubbo? Tubbo Height, Age, and Other Information

Tubbo will be 18 in 2021. How tall is Tubbo? Tubbo height is 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m), and he weighs approximately 64 kg. He has brown eyes and dark brown hair. He has an average build and wears size 7 shoes (US).

Tubbo’s Profession

Tubbo began his YouTube career by launching a channel called Blue Turtle. He has uploaded Minecraft videos to his channel. The channel, however, received no views. As a result, Toby decided to discontinue making videos for the channel in October of the same year.

In May 2018, he launched a new YouTube channel. However, it was not until September 2019 that he began actively uploading videos to the channel. He also started his Twitch channel around this time. He used to Twitch stream and uploaded live stream highlights to his YouTube channel. He still does the same thing to this day.

However, he did not gain followers/subscribers right away. After a while of streaming, he began to see an increase in followers in 2020. After spending some time on SMPEarth, he eventually joined Dream SMP and now primarily plays on this server. He has joined OTV SMP, an SMP created by the internet group Offline TV, in addition to Dream SMP. He is friends with top Minecraft players such as Tommyinnit, JackManifoldTV, and others.

On Twitch, he currently has over 4.6 million followers and 17k+ subscribers. In contrast, he has 2.99 million subscribers and over 53 million total video views.

In addition, he had only recently begun making music, despite knowing how to play a variety of musical instruments such as the piano, ukulele, and so on. Finally, on August 27, 2021, he released his debut single, Life by The Sea.

The song is available on all major streaming platforms and has received over 16 million Spotify streams. In addition to his main YouTube channel, he has two other channels: TubboLIVE (1 million subscribers) and The Let’s Play Channel (400k subscribers). He uploads full-length Twitch live streams to the TubboLIVE channel.

The Net worth of Tubbo 

Tubbo has a net worth of $1.25 million (estimated). His main sources of income include Twitch, YouTube, and others. You can learn more about his income source in detail below.

Twitch: As a popular Twitch streamer, he can earn money through donations, ads, and other means. Many top Twitch streamers’ earnings, including Tubbo, were leaked in the recent Twitch data breach. He earned $1,000,054 on Twitch over a 26-month period (August’19 – September’21). He is the 81st highest-paid streamer on the list. Personal sponsorships are not included in the above earnings.

YouTube: He used to upload videos to YouTube on a regular basis. However, he is currently inconsistent with his upload schedule. As a result, he is currently receiving very few views. According to Social Blade, both of his channels generate between 5 and 10 million views per month. As a result, his estimated ad revenue is $15,000. His annual earnings could exceed $200,000.


That’s all about Tubbo height and how tall is tubbo. This is the most recent Tubbo information. In a relatively short period of time, he has amassed a respectable number of subscribers to his channel.

His videos are mostly made up of clips from his Twitch streams. He has been a Twitch streamer for about two years and was promoted to partner in 2020.

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